Friday, July 13, 2012

#NaBloPoMo wants to talk about Friday the 13th

Taking a deep breath and digging in, I sat down at the computer after the morning school rush today in an effort to brave the NaBloPoMo writing prompt list.

Today, it asked us, "Do you worry about Friday the 13th or do you think that the whole superstition is just a joke?"

Friday the 13th? Why are we talking about Friday the 13th? Wait. What day is today? Casting my eyes to the sky, I dug deeply into the cavernous space that used to be my memory, overflowing with facts, ideas and plans. Let's see, we went to the public library this week with one of our son's behavioral specialists on Tuesday--or was it Monday--and that was three days ago? Four days?

What day is today, anyway?

I am sad about something. I am mourning the loss of my brain. Slowly yet surely, I think my two little cave men have chipped away at its abilities until I can't even remember my age most of the time. I've often asked my husband how old I am, however, he is not the most reliable source, either, since we thought he was 44 for the first six months of his 43rd year of life.

It took a woman on the other end of the telephone, collecting census data, to break that news to me.

"Your husband was born in what year?" she asked.

I answered.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but your husband is not, in fact, 44. He's actually 43," she said.

Translation: "I'm sorry, lady, that you are a complete idiot. Perhaps a remedial math course would be of some use to you."

This morning, with a sigh, I gave up on relying on my memory to help me with today's day and date, and I ran off into the kitchen in search of a calendar. Sure enough, today was Friday the 13th. That NaBloPoMo! Clever people, they are!

My husband was already out the door. He missed this revelation also.

Our older son? Well...(making mental note to read a simple story to him about Friday the 13th after school) it awful to say that we have bigger fish to fry?

Alrighty. Digging in deep, I went right to the heartbeat of the house, my chatty little man, younger son, to ask if he was concerned about the fact that today was Friday the 13th. He'd give me the skinny regarding this date's importance in our household.

"So, do you know what today is?" I asked him.

"Mom, do you think snakes with two heads have two hearts?" he asked.


"Hm. Sometimes," I replied. "But, listen--"

"'Cause, I heard that sometimes the heads split apart," he continued.

"Ick," I said. "Buddy, I wanted to ask--"

"But if they split apart, then a head would just be lying there on the ground with no tail, right? And if the head didn't have a heart, then it wouldn't survive, so then you'd have a dead head on the ground. And, well, that's not good. So, it is my hope that natural selection takes care of the world's two-headed snake problem," he nodded with his final words.

Look, I could have continued, but, I think my question was answered before it was asked. How can one be concerned about the day's date when, clearly, the world was faced with a pressing two-headed snake problem?

NaBloPoMo July Challenge. I might not be the class favorite, but I'm still blogging!


  1. I think if you can't remember what day it even is, you should have no worries. By the time you figure out that it was Friday the 13th it will be tomorrow, and by then who cares?? Definitely more interesting is this two headed snake thing!! LOL enjoyed your blog immensely as always!


    1. Hey, Kathy, I'm sure he'd give you links to the two-headed snake phenom!! LOLOL!! I'm saturated!

  2. haha much more important to the snake community--i love it :)

  3. Seriously now Mom, a two headed snake who lost it's head? That's really worth looking into, if you ask me. Then off to the zoo to see the big ole snakers. Oh, that is quite a day for you guys. I'm sure you'll pass through this snake phase in six or seven years...hang tough! Friday the 13th ain't nothin' !!