Friday, December 2, 2011

Hyperactivity, anyone?

What is the natural pitch of our younger son's voice again? Could someone remind me, please? Because, for the past week, he's been constantly screetching like a giddy school girl.

No words. This child uses no words. He is a moving, screetching, hyperactive, slobbery troll with flailing arms and kicking legs. He throws his toys and zaps up the dog and bumps into me "just 'cause" and OH MY GOSH COULD SOMEONE PLEASE PRESS THE MUTE BUTTON ON THIS KID?????


It's the holidays. ADHD and the holiday season are a grand mix. This kid is so jacked up one would think he's had twenty pots of coffee. He literally can't stand still. At all.

Oh, and those beautiful hazel eyes have been stuck in the back of his head most of this time. He likes to send them there and bug out the bloodshot whites of his eyeballs to anyone in his path....Happy Holidays!!! Merry Christmas!! Joy of the Season to you all!!

Yesterday while we were waiting for his school bus, I put my hand on the top of his head to keep him from bumping into me. Beneath my hand was something akin to the Tazmanian Devil, growling, slobbering and flailing around.

I just stood.

And, I watched.

It was such a curiosity.

He had absolutely no control of himself. Thank goodness he was leaving my house. Even after twenty minutes of this, I seriously question who needs medication the most: he or I.

And, well, there's more to the story.

You know how when children are in the throes of their babydome years and they cry out in the night? Or they won't settle to sleep? You know how all the experts say parents are to never take the kids into their beds with them or else that child will remain there until he is ready to move into his college dorm room?

I'll have you know we never did that. We're superior that way.

What we are doing, however, to quell the unbelievably high anxiety that comes along with the ADHD holiday season is to set up a comfy air mattress on the floor of our younger son's bedroom for his Daddy. (Note that Mom is going nowhere near that air mattress. Thank you, Daddy.) This child is too scared to even set foot in his room by himself. It goes beyond the typical monster being under the bed or boogie man in the closet. The fear takes him over.

In the past, my husband and I have been in crisis mode with his older brother that we haven't seen in isolation these behaviors that our younger son has at this time of year. In retrospect, yes, it's been here all along.

So, as we approach the holiday and the break from the routine of school, I am anticipating the unbridled energy, the fear of the night, the shrill of a crazed voice, potty regression, endless car trips and many, many trips to my beloved Mom Cave.

Peace to you all!


  1. I almost posted a similar post to this yesterday!! Bear has been unbearably loud and screechy for days now. He typically has three volumes...annoyingly loud, yelling, and screaming. He has no clue what an "inside voice" is supposed to be (and believe me, we've modeled, explained, rewarded etc.). Plus he's been super hyper AND super stressed out. Thank you for making me realize that I am not alone.

    Bear also has fears. They've come and gone like phases but when he has sticks and there really is no rationalizing it for him. Last year it was a fear of someone breaking in our house. We even went so far as to create a "plan of action" for him should this actually occur and we went over it every night before bed. When he was little, he had a fear of tapeworms. Why? "Because they eat you from the inside out". :)

  2. The increase in hyperactivity and anxiety during the holiday for ADHD kids/ spectrum kids is quite common. Have you ever Googled it? Geez, I just have never put the pieces of the puzzle together for out younger son. Never tumbled. I just knew that he is a nut...guess I just considered him different levels of nuttiness. Lol. Across the board, the advice seems to be to keep them busy. Try to limit TV commercials which place unreal expectations and hype into their heads (you think?), keep them busy, and when you are done with that, keep them busy.

  3. oh, my amy... and i thought i needed a break from it all sometimes...
    you humble me...

    i hope you find some moments to relax and breathe slowly.. and truly enjoy the holidays...

  4. So is this chapter 2 of the invasion of that gigantic tree? Or is this something else? *big sigh* My Christmas wish for you and Daddy is at the very least ONE evening of peace, joy and a lifetime of love. ♥

  5. Nah, not Chapter two of the tree. Lol. Ya know what? Mama won that tree battle Jo. It has a bajillion dangling, hanging objects on it and it is beautiful!!! Our older son never comes in this room anyway. I'll put a calmer tree in his vacuum room as a peace offering. Snicker.

  6. Earplugs. Good ones. And wine. Lots and lots of wine. ;O)

  7. Peace offerings are good. Amy, I love the balance you bring to your life.
    Don't forget dark chocolate!

  8. I'm not a chocolate person? I used to be... Sigh, Beth, currently, wine is having a disagreement with my hips. :( I need to figure out that balance in my middle age. Darned middle age!

    I'm going to my first hot yoga class this week...