Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Best Thing About Being A Parent--#NaBloPoMo

"What is the best thing about being a parent?" NaBloPoMo asked us today.

I stared blankly at the screen.

A minute or two later, I was still staring. No thought came to mind. C'mon words! Where are you? Spring forth from my head, down through my arms and fingers and click your way about the keyboard of this computer!


Oh, dear. This was problematic, considering I'm a mom and all that. I bowed my head in an attempt to channel the Maternal Me, mom to the two little cave boys who dwell in this house.

"Mom?" I heard from the hallway. "Where are you?" It was our younger son. Yes! I'm going to look at his smoochy cheeks and be overcome with inspiration. He will show me the way to what is best about being a parent!!

I looked up just in time to see him cross the threshold of the room, arms thrust forward, holding a mesh bug hut which a friend of mine dropped off for him today. (*Making mental note to discuss with friend later*)

Before I could even blink, my eyes were assaulted with a cacophony of spindly insect legs, fluttering wings and slimy worms---a pile of ick, yuck, ew and gross all lumped onto the bottom of that hut.

I screamed. I screamed but good!!

New rule. Bug hut stays outside, please and thank you.

He laughed hysterically as he sauntered away from me, casually throwing over his shoulder, "Oh, and, by the way, Rusty peed on the living room carpet."

"No, sir! Oh, no you don't!" I said to him. No fool, I. Having just falling for one of his Rusty-the-eliminating-dog-jokes, I was wiser this time.

And, to prove my point, I rose, followed him, and promptly stepped in a sopping pile of urine-soaked rug. Barefoot, of course.

Feeding my internal cussing Catholic habit, I silently spoke to some patron saints about my dog, cleaned the spot while also noting that our older son clogged the downstairs toilet with a pair of underwear this morning, for some reason opting to also throw a toothbrush in there for good measure. Younger son decided that water play in the family room was a good idea, and did I mention that my shirt was on backwards?

Ahh, to heck with it.

I'm cutting my losses today and deciding that the best thing about parenting is the Power of Endurance.

The July Challenge. Getting comfortable here in the back of the virtual NaBloPoMo Classroom.


  1. Your life is just way too exciting! laughing right out loud at W bringing you bugs! I do love that little cave boy!
    Poor little Rusty. I feel bad for him. Hope he gets better soon.
    The back of this classroom is THE place to be!

  2. LMAO, I love it!! Exactly!! The power of endurance. This was classic.