Friday, July 6, 2012

Kidding Around--#NoBloPoMo

"Mom," our younger son called out to me this morning. "Where are you?"

Our older son had been awake in the night last night and was therefore sleeping it off today. Feeling brave, I rushed outside to get some things done while he was asleep. As soon as I came back into the house, I heard our son. "Rusty peed on the couch."

Shaken from my "To Do List" trance, I ran right to him.

"He did WHAT??" I asked incredulously.

Then I scoured the room for our lame dog, the dog who hurt his neck escaping under our fence to romp around with the neighbors' bouncy little Shih-tzus. The dog who is now lame and not allowed to be moving. The dog who needs a human to carry him into the yard every bleeping time he needs to go to the bathroom. Yeah. That dog. The dog who just eliminated on my couch.

THAT dog!

"JUST KIDDING!" he exclaimed with joy as he melted into laughter.

And, just like that, the situation vanished. My high blood pressure, surely, had not. I stared at him, my offspring, and thought of all those bottle feedings and diaper changings. His paralyzed arm at birth and the four years solid of therapy and braces. Flying him across the country for a life-changing surgery. His autism, anxiety, selective mutism and school phobia. In an instant, all the blood, sweat and tears I'd poured into his nine years of living had been reduced to using my discomfort for his entertainment.

You're welcome, my son.

Family life. If it doesn't kill you, it will surely leave you numb and stupid. There you are in a lounge chair all day, staring into the distance, your hair ratted and a permanent tick in your right shoulder, wearing your years of service to your family for all to see.

I shook my head in sorry resignation.

NaBloPoMo wants to know if we feel compelled to add "Just kidding!" to the end of our jokes. Well, I guess our younger son does. And, as you can see, it made the situation soooo much better once he did!

The NaBloPoMo July Challenge. Thirty-one days of blogging about "Kids". Wish me luck!


  1. bahahahahahahahaha
    It is no wonder I love that boy so much! That deserves another mailing! I'm off shortly to go make him a personalized little letter for that big huge effort.
    You have developed that sense of humor you thought would be hard to teach. Not so hard, eh?

    ♥ What a kid.