Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hello from the Trenches!

I haven't been quite as regular with my blogging this week while New York State has entered summer break from school. Frankly, I've had little that is nice to say.

Oh, I've been hiding out in the Mom Cave quite often. I stare at the blank screen on the computer and think, no, this is pure ugly grunt work. I do not want to spread my ugly today. Lol!

I save most of my comments for the texts that I exchange throughout the day with my special needs mommy friends. As the week begins, those texts start off gently with things like, "Checking in. Hope all is quiet in your houses. So far so good here."

We are all just hanging on until summer services begin. Some husbands can work from home. Some families have respite providers. Some can rely on family members. But, in the end, the bulk of the hours fall to the moms.

As we do our best to create outings, channel energy, diffuse meltdowns, all of our kids eventually start to spiral. The cautiously pleasant, "Checking In," texts start to change to, "Oh no! He just ran out the front door" to "He won't eat at McDonald's because he thinks the food will turn him into something" to "I've been up all night with a screaming/manic/wakeful child and don't want to face the day."

Hair gets put into clips and ponytails or we decide to just not do anything with it at all. By the end of week one, we're all sans make up and wearing our glasses.

This is a different kind of Housewives, and there are times when we are too tired to make "pretty" a priority.

For most of my friends, school starts this week. I still have another week in the trenches. My goal is to hole up, point my nose down, and just grind it out. It is absolutely no fun. To be sure, we are all certifiable by the end of these breaks.

Perhaps one day, I'll find that Super Woman suit hanging in the closet. For now, it is not there, and I am reminded that it takes an entire team of specialists to get our children through the day, hopefully, in an even state.

That's a tall order for a fried mommy during a long break.

Sending strength vibes out to all of my fellow special needs moms this summer as we endure the breaks in between the school year and summer services. Know that there are plenty of others out there that feel your pain!

Our older son is calming his anxiety by requesting multiple car trips a day. "Car. Car. Car. Car. Carcarcarcarcarcarcar," is all I hear. On this day, I just went with him to the van and sat in the driveway for over an hour with him. Doors closed. Engine off. Just sitting in the van. BTW, this is his serious face. He's going in for a kiss. lol!!

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