Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Boy and His Blanket

I'm watching our younger son play tug of war with the dog right now using his security blanket. Just a few minutes earlier, he stood with that blanket in front of the television, sucking away contentedly at it's tag, and I'm quite certain he will take up that same stance again in the near future.

Yes, I know it is gross. I've come to the conclusion that little boys--or is it just MY little boys--are gross. I learned this in earnest when this same child was four years old and made the announcement to me that he did NOT enjoy eating his ear wax but that he DID eat his snotties.

I have no hope of being prissy in this household.

It is a Saturday morning, and I started my duties around 5am at the bedside of our older son. He has been screaming with gastric pain for so long now, that I finally decided to stop the anti-depressant we had started to help his depression. The medication was hurting his stomach, and while his mood was better, medically, he was miserable. I've been waiting for improvement since removing the medicine from his regime, and, here I was, awake with him early this weekend morning.

After an hour of trying to settle him, the tears began. Good gravy! When will we see relief?! I watched him for a second, and noticed that he was not holding his stomach tis time.

"Tell me, " I said. "Do you ouch or are you sad?"

"Sad," he said.

Great. It seems right now his choice is to cry with stomach pain or cry with depression.

He picked up his security blanket and wiped his tears. While he was at it, he swiped his nose, and, for good measure, he took a corner and cleaned out an ear.

I sat beside him, speaking to him in a soothing voice, all the while making a mental note to steal all the security blankets in the house today and wash them in boiling water.

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