Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Break

I don't think the day has properly begun in this household lately until my son has urinated in my hair.

I entirely blame myself for getting in the line of fire. It's just that enforcing toileting is not dainty detail, and we have just entered summer break, which means at some point our older son's toileting skills will inevitably regress. I'm in the trenches my friends. Please send clorox.

The day stretches before me. It's a clean slate. Nothing is planned. There is just one problem: The children are both at home, and I am outnumbered. I'll admit, I am terrified. Our older son is having ISSUES. Give him a certain medicine, and he is crying with stomach pain. Take the medicine away, and he is crying with depression. What's a mom to do??? There are so few medicines that his gastric system can even slightly tolerate that we are trying to make this one work, but, UGH!

When he is faced with pain, he must move. He must be on the go. He can't be home. He can't be idle. Literally, he wakes, and the outings begin. I've had 1/2 a pot of coffee so far and still don't feel up to the task. Elevators, escalators, revolving doors, carousels--all these things catch his fancy. So we drive all over town in search of them. As parents, we indulge because it stops the crying. It runs out the clock.

What else am I gonna do, send him to summer camp? Pish! Not a chance!

Nah, we can't do camps. No pool memberships for us. I can only imagine the back-to-school report if it were to be written: "For summer break, I visited the airport and its many escalators. From there, I went to the hospital and played in the revolving doors. I then went to the mall to ride the carousel and elevators."

I'll admit, I don't enjoy having my two children alone. Their needs just about break me by the end of the day. That being said, this summer break is upon us. I'll take it a day at a time and hope for the best.

My goals: Wear running shoes. Duck and cover in the toilet. Practice deep breathing, and visit the Mom Cave as much as possible.

Happy Summer my friends!

P.S. The fish look hungry. Are you people feeding them?


  1. I remember when my Bear was younger, I hated the thought of being alone with my kids. But as they've all grown and matured, even Bear with his difficulties, it has become so much easier. But I do have to say that the ONE thing that makes summer palatable is EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR!!! If Bear had the entire summer to his own devices, not only would he drive me crazy...but he'd drive himself crazy! It's only been a few days and he's already asking when he can go back to school (July 6!) The year the school district decides he doesn't need it anymore will be a sad day indeed. Good Luck with Summer :)

  2. Waaaahhhhh! Younger son has just started services and didn't get extended school year this summer. Booooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!