Monday, May 16, 2011

Feeding Fish

I have been sitting at this computer, feeding my tranquil fish for a good 15 minutes. It seems like that is all I am capable of doing today.

I was awake with our older son last night until he fell asleep some time after 2am. I held his hand, sat beside him on his bed, sang him songs, sat quietly, cleaned toileting accidents, walked with him, put his boots and jacket on a million times hoping he'd ride in the car and calm, took his boots and jacket off a million times when he changed his mind and wanted to go back upstairs to his bedroom, yet none of my efforts seemed to matter.

"Mom! I've earned three new Pokemons on my game!" younger son informed me earlier. "Do you want to see them? I'm going to use them soon. Right now, they are in the box."

Nope. I refuse to ask him what a box is. The talking is bad enough. All I hear is pokemon pokemon pokemon pokemon pokemon pokemon pokemon pokemon. Blah, blah, blah, blah!

"Tell me," I said to him. "Do you talk about anything other than pokemon these days?"

He closed his Nintendo DSi and said, "Well, sure." And, then, very matter-of-factly he continued, "Did you know that Daffy Duck was a rotten room mate to Bugs bunny? If I were his room mate, I'd be rad. I know everything about Bugs Bunny. Let me tell you about the episode. The music plays, and you see 'Looney Tunes' written across the screen..."

Great. I asked for it. Now I just have blah, blah, blah of a different kind. No kidding, he told me the entire episode right down to the credits, and I had to listen because I issued the invitation. Aren't I a genius?!

Promptly following that mind-numbing session, I turned on some "Looney Tunes", plopped him in front of it and quickly ran to the Mom Cave. Now, all I can do is feed fish and think, "Ugh."

Maybe some days, that's good enough.

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  1. Just put the fish in a feeding frenzy. It's good for clearing the mind. :-)