Monday, April 18, 2011

What Every Parent Needs

Today I was the recipient of a random act of kindness from my childhood friend Stephanie. She mailed me a care package which included an iPod, a tool for drowning out the incessant chatter in my household.

I've never used one, really. What is my problem? Where have I been, stuck in a cave trying to habilitate two children with special needs? Lol. Pretty much.

I'm wearing it now, and I must say that this thing is pure bliss! I am looking at our younger son. His mouth is moving, AND I CAN'T HEAR HIM!!!!

Hahaha!! He has just pulled out his Pokemon handbook. I bet he is droning on and on about the evolution of some strange looking character that makes strange sounds into and even stranger character that somehow carries with it more cache.

And, look at me! I'm not practicing any slow breathing. I'm not swallowing any curse words. I'm nowhere close to breathing fire! That's 'cause Mylie Cyrus is singing in my ears about a party in the USA!!

Check it out: he's now demonstrating something from the handbook using figurines, and my head is nowhere close to exploding. This iPod is pure GENIUS as a parenting tool!

I'm almost looking forward to our older son's next nuclear meltdown to see how the iPod stands up next to it. Almost. Until then, talk away, Chatty Charlie. Talk away!

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