Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Really? Bubble Wrap?--#NaBloPoMo

Yesterday, I had an extra set of hands to help me in the house after the boys' summer programming. With multiple doses of timed medications and food to prepare, toileting issues and just general needs to meet, I find this time in our household to be by far the busiest. Even with help, something can always be missed.

"Amy," the extra set of hands said to me, "he's in there eating the stickers from an electronic book."


Stickers. Stuck to the book with an adhesive that contains gluten. Our son has Celiac Disease in addition to Pica, a combination of health issues we have struggled to manage. For, when a person can't tolerate a substance and yet is constantly mouthing non-food items in his environment which could contain that substance, nearly round-the-clock care is required.

Our son loves gluten. Even though his body can't tolerate it, he craves it, and he'll seek it. Once he gets even a little taste in his system, watch out, because the next few days will be spent on a gluten seeking spree like you wouldn't believe!

He can't help it. It's just a fact of our life. This is life with special needs. This is life with autism.

So, while I'm going about our life, pulling books and stickers and such out of our son's mouth, I also have signed onto this NaBloPoMo July Challenge--uuuuggghhh! Blog every day for a month, it urges. Go ahead! We'll give daily prompts!!

So far, here have been some of the prompts and my thoughts upon reading them:

Would you prefer going to a stand up comedy act or a music concert?

Let's see. We have no qualified sitter for our older son. That means that one parent has to stay home in order for this to even happen. The event would likely run late, and older son's routine is to start his night waking/party-like-a-rock star routine around 2 a.m. Worth it? In a word: no. I'll pass on both.

Who is your favorite comedian?

I have been living in a cave for more than a decade. Who is still alive?

What prank do you wish you could pull/what is the best one you have ever pulled?

Yes, I know. We all need joy in our lives. Joy and laughter. Laughter and joy. I do find humor in our lives. I just don't have much time or energy to create it. Note to self: pencil in prank planning between 4 p.m. medicine dosing and toileting. Must be better with life enjoyment.

Do you like to play with bubble wrap?

Ahhh. Today's theme. Yeah...Well, our son eats bubble wrap. We tend to just pick it up and quickly dispose of it.


Of course, we are welcome to choose to not play in the sandbox by writing our own daily themes, which I've mostly done. That has helped. I'm in my own sandbox, if you will, and all are welcome. However, you might want to bring some rubber gloves should you decide to join. Things tend to get messy over here.


NaBloPoMo. I'm sticking it out because I'm stubborn like that.


  1. Again laughing at your crazy life! Mostly smiling at your sense of humor used to endure. The sticker thing....you might have told me that sooner. Sent more. Ugh! Sorry and I won't do that again! I'll find something better *note to Jo to stop at the kid craft section and check out NONgluten crafts!*

    1. Jo, when he was younger, there was NO WAY stickers were allowed in the house. Slowly, to respect little brother's interests and big brother's maturity, they have returned. His need to eat them cycles. He hasn't tried for a little while! Sigh. Yesterday was the first. When he does this, I just put them away until the need passes. Thank you for thinking of them. Stickers are fun and more than fine. I'll monitor them!

  2. I have never known anyone who had to worry about their kids eating bubble wrap. It is a wonder you are as sane as you are Amy. Bless your heart. For the record, I hate stickers in my house too but not because my kids like them for an afternoon snack. It is because they have the tendency to stick them on everything and then they won't come off! LOL I feel as if I receive an education every time I visit. What an amazing lady you are!


    1. THANK YOU! This just affirms the fact that I do, in fact, live in The Twilight Zone. Lol! It's amazing how desensitized my husband and I have become to an awful lot of it. But, really, every time I read this list of prompts or consider this challenge, I feel apart from the crowd. Am working on that. I am determined to hit my stride, dear friends! :) Thanks for putting up with me.

  3. Hanna Jensen FinlandJuly 10, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    Comedians...Who are still alive? We are laughing so hard here...

    1. Hahaha. Someone out there must be keeping track. :)

  4. Have you ever considered asking the teacher's aids at school to babysit on the week end? You'd have to pay them more than the usual babysitter, but if they're like our teacher's aids, they don't get paid much and would love a chance to earn extra income. Plus, they know your children and are trained in how to deal with them. Just a thought. You need a night out with your husband.


    1. Yes. That doesn't work out for us right now, but thank you very much for taking the time to make the offer!