Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm trying desperately to write something brilliant.

My husband has essentially kicked me out of my Mom Cave (which is his original Man Cave). Boo Hoo. Okay, don't feel too sorry for me. He's so geek-a-licious that he resurrected a laptop of mine that crashed in 2009. Since that time, my only option was to brave the stank of his lair or to blog on my phone.

Problem is, I kind of got used to his lair. I ignored his boy yuck. I pretended that it was my spaaaaaa. Ahhhhhh.

My Mom Cave. My reprieve during the day. A place where I can sneak away from the Little Cave People when they aren't looking. A place where I can breathe.

Wanna know where the laptop is? In the kitchen. Is this my lair?

IS IT????


But, you can blog and see the kids, my husband one would argue. However, the problem with being able to see the kids is that they can also see me.

Here's an example:

This is what is going on right now. Under my chair. This is all happening right now as I'm trying my best to think, to feel and to write.

This. This is what is going on under there. The second I sit, they are drawn to me like a moth to a flame. They are loud. They are energetic. And, they are distracting.

Down there. Under my chair.

Up here, I am trying...to...focus...on writing about life.

Down there, under my chair, they are living it.

This entry was written in response to the letter prompt "U" in the Blogging A to Z Challenge 2012.


  1. haha so true--they are living it--love your post and your cave

  2. That is one way to look at it, you are writing about it, and they are living it!! I love it!!


  3. Living it and loving it apparently is true! Give you so much credit for keeping this all going at once. God bless you!

  4. I hide in my ipad now -- a better cave than my laptop that like yours, sits in one spot. Like Daddy's that has taken up residence on the diniing room table. This drives me nuts. Anyway, if the kids are downstairs, I steal my ipad upstairs. to bed. for five minutes until "where's mom?"

  5. We mothers have such glamorous lives. ;O)

  6. I think you should divide the Cave...His side/Her side. You deserve your private space and he needs his, so there ya go. Your half is all your stuff and his half, his mess of boy stuff. No munchkins allowed!

    Life goes on under things while you run off to the Mom Cave!

  7. It's kind of like when I get on the phone, suddenly everyone has something to tell me...

  8. This post was priceless. Yep, I think you ought to take tape down the middle and commandeer half of that cave!

  9. Every woman needs a Room of Her Own. Or a Momcave... something. I heard one describe the need for a playpen as "someplace you could go into and the toddlers couldn't get at you."

    However - your kids look so cute and happy, playing Under the chair.