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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Passing of Time

I'm still working from a paper calendar.

In this day of portable technology-something that could actually make my life easier- I still have all most of our family appointments on a paper calendar which is mailed yearly to our household by the school district. "Important" papers are shoved among its pages. Appontment cards are stapled haphazardly here and there.

The calendar stays tucked away in a kitchen drawer.

After all, it's an eye sore, you see. There is enough visual clutter and chaos in our lives that I don't need that pile of Things To Do out and about, spewing its disorganization all over my counter. Say not one word. This approach has actually worked for me for quite some time. For, my Plan B was my memory. Who needs to write things down when your own mind is like a steel trap, anyway?

Well, my steel trap is showing wear and tear.

I don't know if it is, gasp, another sign of age or if the Little Cave People have won another battle in this house, but Mama has let a thing or two slip lately--things such as the completion of February.

Today, I awoke to the realization that it is, in fact, March. Hello, March!!

In a silly little way, March is important to me with this blog. In less than two weeks, this venture will be a year old. And, just as the month of February can pass in the blink of an eye in this house, so, too, can an entire year.

There have been times over the year when I thought it might be nice to check back in the short time my blog has been here--just to see if there has been any progress. HAHAHAHAhahaha! What was I thinking?

A year in the life of this family, put in terms near and dear to our weather-loving younger son, is the perfect storm.

"Our house is like living in the middle of Tornado Alley, mom."

Tell me about it, kid.


  1. As you are trying to survive one day at a time there in the chaotic cave, every now and then remind yourself how utterly and ridiculously and quickly this past year was history.
    Time stands still for no woman.
    (don't spread this around, but I'm a paper calender girl, too.) I keep mine on my desk and as I make or am informed of appointments, I jot them down. For back-up, I put them on my phone.)

    works for me! ♥

    Hugs to the Chaotic Cave inhabitants!

    1. One great fear I have is that one day I'll blink, and life will have passed me by. Yes, this life drives me INSANE, and my heart aches often for these boys, but to wish it away would mean to wish away their lives--and mine. :(

      I need to use my phone as back up. My brain is no longer reliable.

  2. I live on my ipad. And I have tried the calendar on it. Impossible. I would miss everything if I relied on that! I have two boys two, 6 and 8, and everything, messy or not, is scrawled on a big paper wall calendar. Nothing would get recorded if I had to open up my ipad calendar and go through more than one step of my hand scrawl!

    1. I tried the wall calendar--it's perfect for multiple appointments!--but I don't have the right spot for it. Drat! Now you have me wanting the right spot...

  3. Maybe one of the reasons time seems to slip by so quickly is because you're having so much fun- both at home and with blogging :)

    Time does fly, doesn't it? All the more reason for us to make each moment count- even if it feels like living in the eye of a tornado.

    1. Your last statement is something that has carried my husband and me through some of our hardest times as parents. Realizing that kids don't want to spend their lives melting down and anxious and facing surgeries and wearing corrective equipment--this is their childhood! Even when we are tired and cranky, one of us tries to find a happy moment/something to do/something to celebrate. Finding joy in the small things makes you so much more appreciative in life.

  4. Well Happy Blogaversary! I too have the district calendar, and another one I actually paid money for that I've lost 7 times. Personally, I blame the little people, we're juggling to much! I admit my blackberry has helped a bit; but that is always lost with my keys somewhere. So I will keep on standing up people for lunch, scrambling for the right paperwork, running permission slips to school at the last minute; cuz that's how I roll.

    1. Oh, Cari, you feel my pain! I went through a stretch last year where I'd get calls every month on my cell phone from our older son's teacher. She happily would say hello. I'd return the greeting and ask what was up. She'd say, "Well, we're all sitting here at your team meeting." Oh my gosh...

  5. Hi! I'm new to reading your posts, and wanted to let you know that I am also a mom to 2 autistic sons, now 17 & 15. We have a lot in common!