Monday, March 19, 2012

GBE2 Challenge: Make a List and Then Title It

1. Sad Siding

2. Broken Fence

3. Dead leaves
in the yard

4. Tending to
school phobic son
who says
class is too hard

5. Laundry

6. Dust Bunnies

7. My ever-
expanding hips

8. Trying to keep
life calm to
nervous tics

9. "Puh-leeze urinate

10.Now, where's that
bottle of bleach?

11.Make note
of an IEP
goal to improve
son's speech

12.Be Hot

13.Be Fabulous

14.Set the world
on fire

15.Fulfill every
need that our
children require

16.Husband Who?

17.How old am I again?

18.Remember that
thing that I said

19.Create memories!

20.Make them laugh!

21.All while counting
the hours
until bed

"Why I Need A Super Suit"

This entry was written in response to a weekly challenge issued by the Group Blogging Experience 2 (GBE2).


  1. I loved it! And isn't it funny that the list you mentioned above is probably only a third of the list really running through your head? I'd have to stop too in fear of jumping from nearest cliff. You can scratch off being hot and got this.

    1. I love you, man!!


      Yes, it's true. The real list is very long, and it can get a person down when viewed en mass. When possible, I try to take it in small chunks!! For example, I'm not going to review my own jean collection today after reading your latest blog entry...


  2. What a to do list!! Love 12-14 and laughed at #16!


  3. I want to see #16's list!

  4. Replies
    1. :). Thank You. And, for anyone who wonders, it is a size none-of-your-business. (See #s 7, 12,13 and 14)

  5. You know our kids think we are superheroes! I do love # 16

  6. You do need a super suit. Hang in there.


  7. I like #17- "How old am I again?"

    After 40, just getting the decade right seems to be enough. It no longer matters to me where in my 40s I am- I'm just headed to 50 and then, well, for 10 years it won't matter much then either because I'll simply be in my 50s.

    If someone really needs the exact number, I just hand 'em my driver's license and concentrate more on remembering important things with the precious bit of RAM that is left in my full brain.