Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GBE 2 Challenge: Pet Peeves

I'm outnumbered in my house. In a lot of ways.

I'm the only girl.

I'm the only person not gross.

I'm organized/focused/tidy/and downright dedicated to a challenge before me.

I'm a Type A personality in a household of Type B boys. Even the dog is laid back. Frankly, this is all just a problem. For, the more laid back they all are, the further away from our goal we get. The further away from our goal we get, the more my left eye begins to twitch.

My brain works very simply, after all. We are standing at Point A, and we need to advance to Point B. However, to people who don't think in such terms (e.g. the rest of my household), advancement is seen in terms more like: we are standing at Point A, we need to advance to Point Z but we must first expolore the whole alphabet of options that we could pass along the way.

How is it possible that a Type A personality can actually give birth to a Type B personality? Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, I think, "Dear Lord Above, are you SURE they are mine? REALLY??"

Breathe. Mama must learn the art of breathing.

"Hey, Mama?" That's our younger son following very, VERY closely behind me as I'm scurrying through the house in an attempt to get them out the door for their haircut appointments. This, too, has the tendency to get on my nerves at times.

"I was thinking about the railway system from Osaka to Tokyo."

Well, sure, isn't everyone?

"Let's go, my friend." I say to his older brother. "It's time to go downstairs and get on your shoes. Haircut time." Brother's not moving.

"The system is quite complex," younger son continues, oblivous of the fact that I am not in the mood for a water cooler chat. "No matter where you are along one path, you can always switch your route and get to where you want to go. All the tracks connect." He was fascinated. We don't have trains where we live.

"Very intersting, buddy. Now, let's GO, guys! Downstairs! Haircuts!" I said forcefully.

Older brother stood and began a series of OCD rituals that really could take us all week. Move vacuum forward. Stare adoringly. Move vacuum backward. Hose off. Move around to other side. Straighten. Move back to original side. Put away. Step back and evaluate.

"And, I was thinking that it would take a pretty long time to work your way through the entire system if you were to ride the whole thing," younger son just keeps on keepin' on.

"Okay, buddy, the vacuum looks great! Now, let's GO!" I said to our older son. Older son then sits down on his bed. Stands up. Sits. Stands. Sits.

"I wonder how many trains they have and how many drivers?" Younger son continues his thoughts on the mindnumbing public trasportation system of Japan.

Step forward. Back. Forward. Back. Turn to vacuum. Adjust.

"Could we go to Japan? I want to know what they wear when they drive the trains."

I think I am a hamster on a wheel. Going 'round and 'round and 'round. Haha. Or maybe I'm just stuck on the train from Osaka to Tokyo and can't find my way off.

Either way, sometimes it really bugs me.


  1. Oh yes ma'am I see the problem here! You are trying to stifle your sons creativity. Seriously? There are rituals that must be performed and questions that are still unanswered and YOU want to be on time for something YOU arranged? Man, it's almost like you want to be the one in charge!

    Hang in there type A~you may be the only one in the house, but the world is full of your type; frustrated and tense, trying to live with the much happier laid back B's. *sigh* Such is life.

  2. Amy, I can sense your tears under the laughter. You have a wonderful way of dealing with the frustrations. I tend to be a laid-back B type, but I experienced a lot of what you're feeling while we had my mother with dementia living with us. I would be sure to schedule her doctor's appointments in the afternoon. Knowing how long it would take her to get ready, I'd start about two hours ahead. "Mom, you have a doctor's appointment at 2:30." She wouldn't feel like going and would fall asleep again in her chair. An hour later I'd manage to get her into the bedroom to dress. Fifteen minutes later I'd go to check on her and find her lying in bed. And on it went. Getting her shoes on. Getting her to bathroom and (hopefully) out within ten minutes. We would finally get to the doctor an hour late for her appointment. Sometimes all you can do it laugh. I enjoyed this post very much.

  3. Elaine, yes, this is what I mean. ADHD, OCD,autism, sensory and communication processing difficulties all conspire against my naturally organized and timely nature. (Plus, they are laid back kids.) I is an exercise in patience. Admitting my pet peeves are my own weakness, I know, but I am human and am sure other parents in my shoes might feel a kinship should they read these words.

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    1. You know, I always seem to start these replies with the same two words... 'Oh, Amy...' Quite honestly, they are always the first words to spring to mind. 'Oh, Amy...' As in, you made me laugh, but right now all I want to do is hug you until you feel the world can actually be on your side. All those type B's are enough to drive anyone crazy! You must have some deep well of inner patience which is unavailable to the rest of us, certainly me, 'cos I know I'd have simply cancelled the haircuts after ten minutes! You're always amazing. Hugs to you and all your type B's (even he dog!) (Sorry, needed to delete and edit for my idiotic spelling!)

  5. :). Hugs are great. Thank you. And, really, we are doing OKAY!!! this is just our reality. I think perhaps at one time there were tears behind my humor. Perhaps I felt like I was always swimming upstream and overwhelmed-we all have those days. But, for the most part, this is our norm...as crazy as it is. I type these things, often uncensored, because my hope is that some other parent might happen across this blog and think, "Yes! This is happening to us right now!"

    There is a sense of safety in numbers, after all. Lol.
    Thanks for always reading.

  6. If this: I'm the only girl.

    Then this: I'm the only person not gross.


  7. I love how your son talks about something so educational! My children fill my days with regaling tales of asking "Cha-cha" stupid questions. Today, my 13 yo son spend the entire evening telling me about stupid laws that Cha-cha sent him. I'd much rather he be studying the complexities of any rail system! LOL I might actually listen to what he's telling me. But, I totally get how "time to go now" is NOT the time to talk about that. But, you can tell how peaceful you remain, in spite of everything not going perfectly. Some people just cannot accept the fact that life happens and you just have to roll with the punches. Nothing is going to go the way you always think it should go and you can either stress out about it, or roll. :) (Wonder why some people just don't get that the stress doesn't actually help or change anything)

  8. I've lost my Type A edge myself. I am wondering if there is a subType A with accepting B tendencies? That would be where I am at for sure! As for grossness - there is equitable grossness in differing areas amongst the genders in this house. Our normal is likely inconceivable to most.

  9. If it's any consolation, my husband manages to find something ludicrous to delay us each and every day, and I find myself plotting his demise more often I should.

  10. ((((((((((((((((((( hugs )))))))))))))))))))))))))

    another chapter..