Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GBE2 Challenge: Surprises

If I may, I have a simple request for those of you around me: Please, no surprises.

That BM accident in the upstairs hallway? Yeah, that was a surprise.

That the culprit then urinated in his pants just after I cleaned up that BM accident--definitely a surprise.

That Target store symbol drawn on the wall in green marker? Surprise. What's next, Lord and Taylor?

Climbing out of the hole ripped in the screened in porch and bolting into the neighbor's house unannounced? Whew, that was QUITE a surprise.

And, no matter how many times it happens, every episode of screaming in unspecific pain comes as a sad surprise.

The public tantrums, everything involved with doctor's visits, sleepless nights, seeing someone run through the house with no clothes on, eating chalk, taping the dog, saying something inappropriate to strangers, blowing snot rockets, reactions to new medicines, aversions to food and, good gracious, new OCD behaviors coming out of the woodwork...

...you see, life is one gigantic surprise.

My plate is full, and, believe me, if there was anything I could do--wear the same lucky shirt every day, sleep with a bible under my pillow, chant, heck ANYTHING--I would do it without hesitation!

I yearn for CALM. A peaceful scene.

Instead, I trudge forward in chaos, hanging onto rare and sweet surprises like a content sigh, a belly laugh or a spontaneous kiss on the cheek (without spit, thank you).

For this, I take the bad with the good. Yet, I am certain, I'm on the fast track to the looney bin in my later years.


  1. Someday we should plan a vacation together. Even if it only in our minds. :) You are a good friend and I enjoy your posts.

  2. Oh, hey, I go on mental trips all the time! Let me know when you want to join! LOL!

  3. I have been waiting to read your 'surprise' story! I just knew it would be a big giant "NO MORE SURPRISES...THANK YOU!" lol But now I'm thinkin' you could love a surprise IF it involved a trip to the Caribbean alone, yes alone, with the hubby man! Now there's a surprise you could hang your smile on.

  4. Jo! Lol!! I think you knew where I would take it before I did!! And, alas, I would hate the vacation surprise as well. It is logistically not possible for us to leave the kids. That surprise would stress me out! I'm hopeless!

  5. I'll probably get to the looney bin before you, so I'll save you a spot at the lunch table. Hey! Maybe we can be roommates!

  6. I wish lots of little belly laughs and snippets of blue sky. I think you have the love covered.

  7. Oh my!! LOL Funny...


  8. Oh Amy, I am so glad I finally have time to get back to reading your posts. You make me smile, and I always want to do one thing when I'm done reading.... *SURPRISE!* hugs heading your way ;o)

  9. Missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ugh. Surprises. Acleaning up another one right now...

  10. ANOTHER CHAPTER...(you are writing that book aren't you?)

    So glad to read you're getting help now too..take advantage of that time for you and hubby to slip away..even to outback for Filet Mignon , bloomin onion or the fried shrumes; LOVE THOSE and a tall glass of ANYTHING hehe

    love you