Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's in a Shoe?

I have been living under a rock the past decade (or in a Cave, as I prefer to say). A gal can get a little behind in the times. It's not very difficult.

Recently, VH1 has started airing reruns of "Sex And The City", a show I'll admit to never watching. Not even once. Pre children, I took myself way too seriously for that show. As such, I avoided the SATC fever that swept this country--whenever it was that it swept the country. Nobody tell me. I'm afraid the number of years ago that it has been will be shocking.

I won't dwell on the logistics of the plot--because I'm sure a newspaper columnist could not afford that apartment and Manolos and a designer wardrobe. I've decided that,if she can have her fantasy, SO CAN I!

I bet I could have made a great far-from-starving artist in the city wearing fabulous clothes and worrying about little but how to spend my leisure time. I know I could!

And, just as a little reminder to myself that there is more to life--more to ME--than servant to special needs, I have declared this Fall to be the autumn of the Carrie Bradshaw Shoe.

Ever so slowly, these little confidence boosters have made their way to my closet over the past few weeks. Seemingly so benign at first glance, yet, blink and look twice, and I promise one can almost hear choirs rejoicing. They represent something so much larger than the footware kingdom. It's practically Divine.

They make me smile.

They make my heart sing.

I could be ANYONE in those shoes!

Or, I can be an even better version of me!

Even more, the most work they require of me is the super human ability to balance oneself gracefully when standing in them. Pssshhhhh! All that took was some practice while making some sandwiches for my kids.

Giggle. Even my husband has noticed. And, he has happily offered to subsidize the venture as we feel that it is mutually beneficial.

Oh sure, I can't wear these for EVERY thing I do in life. I can't see myself sprinting across the mall after our older son in some of these. However, I'm going to wear them more places one would expect,

Starting right now.

I think the Mom Cave could use one of these.


  1. We all need a little 'glamour' in our lives! For me, it's makeup...I went from a mom who barely put any on at all (and many days I'm still makeup free) to learning how to do all the fancy things that I figured every girl knew how to do but me. My husband loves how creative I get and it boosts my confidence. Now I just about have the makeup equivalent to your giant shoe rack up there :)

  2. Oohhhh, so tell you do a smokey eye for the day? Am considering! Lol! This is my heaviest discussion yet here at the Mom Cave!

  3. First it was beanie babies...then it was whatevet the kids showed interest in... The collections in my house have cost a fortune. How many Thomas trains is too many? My Little Pony? Do we put salve on our spirits through purchases?


  4. What mom hasn't been guilty of making purchases for her child to ease this, that or the other?

    But, oh, the shoes! No, you would have to have known me in another life to know that they serve less as salve for my spirit and more like oxygen!