Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well I did it.

I purchased some Mom Cave Shoes, some Super Shoes, something to zap the mo jo back into me in the middle of a ruthless day when I sneak into my sanctuary for a stolen moment's peace.

I confess that I nearly did not do it. At first glance, they are the least practical shoes I own. I can barely walk in them and am certain that if a slight but steady wind breaks loose near my home, I will topple like a rag doll. So far, I have managed to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in them without my arches hurting. Soon, the world is mine to conquer.

I'm wearing them now. Can't you tell? Is my writing more...inspired?

Who knew that all it took was a four-inch heel to give me "Sex in the City" legs?! I don't care that my little toe is turning purple! These shoes are perhaps the MOST valuable thing I own!!

These shoes say that this crazy life I lead does not define who I am.

I live with special needs. I sleep with it. Sleep often eludes me because of it. I cook differently because of it. I have less money due to it. My relationships have changed because of it. My health has been affected by it. And, my heart has both broken and grown a million times over from its effects.

I'm in this life for the duration. Some battles, without a doubt, I will lose. But, by darn it, when I go down, I'm going to be wearing one heck of a fine pair of Mom Cave Shoes!!!

Everyone needs a proper piece of Cavewear in his/her life.

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