Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day's End

Dear God in Heaven, what time is it? Surely this day is done!

My children are making the hair on the back of my neck stand up. They are clingy, loud and, good gracious, SQUEAKY! What kid squeaks, anyway? Just mine?

I would love to force them outside. We have some great yard equipment if it weren't for the laundry. Uuugh. Our dryer broke on Mother's Day. At first, it was nice to lay the clothes out in the first signs of spring air in this area. The clothes smelled so fresh, and I felt! Wow! I should always do this! I feel like a pioneer!

It took less than a week for the novelty to wear off. The yard equipment is covered in clothes. It has rained a lot lately, so my living room now has three make-shift clothes lines strung every which way so that the laundry can begin the two-day process of drying during rainy weather.

It's annoying, and this morning when my husband made a comment about not having any clean towels and the fact that he had to buy underwear, all I could think was, well, darn! I completely forgot to bring in the cotton crop yesterday! That has undoubtedly placed me behind in spinning the thread and creating his towels and skivvies! How lazy of me! Certainly I could have fit that in between the CSE, the team meeting and our younger son's latest string of evaluations.

I'm sorry, kind sir. I'll gladly spin for you twice tomorrow to make up for today!


The only thing I signed regarding our marriage many years ago was our license. Was there a laundry addendum that I neglected to read? I know that I was smitten at the time, but surely I would have seen that I was agreeing to be the family grunt for life. Toilets? Are they mentioned anywhere? No? 'Cause, if these things are merely implied in the union, then MAMA HAS A THING OR TWO TO SAY ABOUT IT!

I digress. I'm snapped out of my rant by the buzz of this phone. My husband has just texted that he is stuck in traffic. Ahhhh. That traffic. I bet it is quiet...

Younger son is stuffing balloons into his shirt to make himself appear brauny, and he's talking about an inch from my nose. Chatchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchatchat.

"I wonder if they had balloons on 'The Titanic'?" I asked in an effort to get him off my back. Surely he'll run to his library of books on the topic and do a search.

"Well, if they did," he said completely straight-faced, "they would have been water balloons."

Hahahahahaha! That's it! I surrender! I'm crossing over to their side until their Dad comes home. Send in help if you don't hear from me tomorrow!


  1. LOL Water balloons! Love it!
    Fantastic read, as always, thank you x

  2. LOL! I must have signed the wrong license ;)
    Love your perspective. ...and your son must get is wit from you! very funny :)

  3. LOL! What a busy and wonderful life you must lead! :D