Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Climb

My dog wants my toast. I am sitting at my kitchen table since the Mom Cave computer monitor has gone on strike again and suddenly rethinking my choice of seats.

Morning here are simply crazy. Feed fish. Feed dog his own food - not ours. Water the 100 ladybugs which I thought would be a cool educational experience for our kids. Feed,medicate and dress older son before bustime all while cooking hot food to pack in his lunch box. Feed younger son. Get husband out the door in one piece. Before homeschool lessons, it is my turn.

Parenting our older son the past month or so has challenged me. I'm feeling stronger today. Go away, dog! This toast is mine! I've earned it.

Parenting a low verbal child who is in the throws of depression is no game. It is has been around the clock, relentless work, but we are making it. Most importantly, our son knows that we are here even when the chips are down.

I've gained weight. My hair needs a trip to the salon. Sleep is elusive. So, all of you out there with strong opinions, please don't judge me for listening to Miley Cyrus.

I was middle-of-the-day exhausted. The kids were in a rare, settled moment, and I was simply fried from all the work I have been pouring into our older son.

"You simply must listen to 'The Climb'," my friend Stephanie said. "It is your theme song today. So, I pulled out the iPod that she sent to me and found the song. Miley is not the first person I would go to for inspiration, but, after the past few weeks, I was ready to try anything.

As the song unfolds, I hear her sing about being lost with no direction. Her faith is shaken. Well, I get that.

Gotta keep her held held high? Absoluely.

Always gonna be another mountain to move. Always gonna be an uphill battle. Sometimes she's gonna have to lose. Yes, Miley! You are right!

She's gotta be strong! Gotta keep pushing on! It's not about the destination, it's all about the climb! SING IT SISTER!!!!

I sat there, yes, I was sitting down in the middle of the day, and I listened to that song four times. Each time, I cranked the volume a little higher. This is my song! I am pushing, and while I'm battle weary right now, I have to keep pushing!!

Funny, I thought as I was listening to the song for the fourth time. I hadn't realized the water sound effects in the song's background before. Wait. That running water is in MY house. It is coming from upstairs!

AARRGGHH!! I ran up there to be assaulted with a toileting disaster of epic proportions, an entire roll of toilet paper unrolled on the floor and the sink and tub water running full blast. Our older son was nowhere in sight. I saw one poopy footprint and felt a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach.

That's what I get for getting caught up in a teenager's words of wisdom. They still ring true. I do have to keep pushing on. But, somewhere in that song, she really should underscore that The Climb often stinks.

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  1. I hate to admit that I really like that song....kind of appropriate right now....