Sunday, April 3, 2011

Virtual Fish

Now, the fish here in the Mom Cave are not half bad!!!!

Click your mouse anywhere in the water, and you will see that you have deposited food! Watch the fish race to eat the morsel which you have left.

This is addictive. I could sit here and stare at these things for quite a while. It's like being a grandparent, in a way. I get to have all the fun in playing and feeding but none of the hassle of the caretaking!



  1. Ooooooo! It works on my phone's touch screen also! I'm creating a monster out of myself!!!

  2. Cool. I wonder if T would have had the virtual fish pond first would it have saved us $1000's of $$ building one in our backyard? I prefer virtual..:)

  3. Heck YEAH I prefer virtual! This Mom Cave is getting better by the minute!!