Friday, April 8, 2011

A Cause for Celebration

HOORAY!!!! The penis/eyeball tick seems to be gone!! Relief! Rejoice! It's true!!!

Admittedly, he is now walking most of the time with his chin on his right shoulder, eyes and nose directed to the side. But, hey, I can work with that one! A lot of people us this stance as their favorite pose in photographs. It's thoughtful, introspective and, well, practically regal. Sure, people may not actually WALK while in that position, but that's just a minor detail.

The main point is that my son's hands are no longer in his pants!

I think this is a cause for celebration! I think it is time that I bought those sex kitten high heels for the Mom Cave. What better reason than this? They can be my good luck charm, purchased to commemorate the extinguishment of one lewd, long-lived tick. Yes. The universe is speaking to me, and it WANTS me to purchase these shoes. I simply can't resist the pull any more.

Happy Friday to all. Today will be a good day!!


  1. Why do I feel even more validated when a guy tells me that I should buy them?? LOL!!