Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is this a joke?---#NaBloPoMo

It was the night before July, and I had a bright idea: I know! I'll sign up for the NaBloPoMo July Challenge! Why not? Who needs time to plan? I've got this!

After all, I did the A to Z Challenge in April--during which time, I might add, our two cave boys were home for a week of spring "break".

Yeah, well, spring "break" doesn't hold a candle to summer "vacation" in a special needs household. The truth is, I'm fried. My friends are fried. We're just lucky that the kids are alive by bathtime each night. So...jumping feet first into a blogging challenge when I'm in the middle of back-breaking, mind-numbing insanity?


Sigh. Okay, perhaps the answer to this question is well established. That being said, I've spent the entire day waffling over whether I'm going to quit recognize my limitations and call it a day. While deliberating, life still happened. It went something like this:

Awake. Drat! No hope of a post yet. Can't consider it. Must shower/dress/transform into hot babe/MAKE COFFEE/take out lame dog who is convalescing/ prepare morning medicines/ dare I hope I can eat my own breakfast--all before "Hits-the-Ground-Running" Numbers 1 and 2 are awake.

Posting before morning agenda did not happen. Are you kidding me? I'm not superwoman.

Younger son saunters down. Medicate him. Throw food in front of him. Older son awake. Prepare his meds and head upstairs to change night diaper, etc. Time to make morning waffles free of gluten, casein, corn, soy, egg and nuts--but not taste! Breakfast done. More medications for older son. Practice dressing skills. Soon, he's at the door freaking out because he's not yet at a mall. No post.

Son-of-a-gun! Are you freaking kidding me? When am I supposed to get this post written?

Take son to educational trip to library. It isn't a mall. Son protests this fact, quietly at first. Decide to teach him the benefits of waiting. He decides to teach me the benefits of a public meltdown. Meltdown spilled outside onto the local canal path. Glorious. It's safe to say that, nope. There was no clicking away any notes on my phone during this time for a post.

Eventually put son in car with intent to go to the mall. Mutter that NONE of this is funny. Exchange short words with low verbal son. Tell him I'm mad. MAD. I'm mad and NOT happy. He starts shouting back at me in colors, as if to say, "Oh yeah? RED!!" Take that, mean mom.

I'm Methodist, but for some reason, at this point in my frustration, I start cursing in my head to patron saints. I think I'm a cussing Catholic. Somehow, the words just feel more fulfilling.

Mall. Carousel. Eight freaking trips on a way-too-fast carousel. Son licks horses. He licks the posts. He dropped his drawers...twice. He spread out on the floor to watch underneath the carousel. He unscrewed five lightbulbs, and he kicked in the door to the center with the hope of seeing the Mother Board (Nirvana!).

Each time, anyone within earshot could hear me say, "You have GOT to be kidding me. What do you think you are doing?? STOP IT!" Yeah...no post created at the mall.

By this point in the day, by this point in the vacation, I'm thinking: who the heck is kidding around? Perhaps I am. I'm likely kidding myself that I'll make it through this challenge at this point in the year. Maybe July is not the month for me.

At the very least, I can now scratch today off my list and corral the cave kids who have been running wild outside my cave door for the past few minutes.

Happy summer to all of you. If you don't hear from me any time soon, send in reinforcements. :)

It's NaBloPoMo Challenge time, and I'm blogging my way through the month of July...er...I think.


  1. Laughing out loud for real...oh, I mean, bless your heart!
    I don't know when you escaped to do this, but it's an awesome entry!
    See, I love reading your life stories even when they are chaotic and unimaginable, you make them real and heroic, in a way. I assure you, having living children by bath time is a real goal! Keep it.

  2. They're still alive right now, so we're good to go for today! Lol! Day 3, Jo. It's Day 3. Either I'm going to hit my stride or you're going to hit me upside my head for making it so difficult!

    Thx for the help!

  3. Oh, Amy, I don't know how you do it. In the midst of all this chaos, all the while telling us you can't possibly write a post, you come up with this gem. You are amazing, girl. I know your wonderful sense of humor is a great help in getting you through each day, but it's also tremendously inspiring for the rest of us who feel weighed down by our normal, ordinary daily tasks. I echo Jo: bless you for sharing your extraordinary life with us!

    1. Elaine, you are extremely kind. Thank you! That keeps me going through this challenge. *Shaking my head in doubt about the entire thing.* For the most part, this IS my normal. I've pretty much forgotten all else...but I am tired. #ren't all parents? Thanks for reading!

  4. Oh my God! Hectic just does not begin to describe it. You make me want to work harder!

    1. I left out younger brother's contributions to all this, by the way. Those two are a circus act! Lol!! Thanks for reading!!