Friday, March 9, 2012

Breakfast, anyone?

Excuse me, but what's a gal got to do to get a little breakfast around here?

I'm not asking for anything fancy. Perhaps an avacado. A piece of toast would be good. Definitely coffee. C'mon, people, mama just CAN'T run on empty!!

Okay, I get it! If I want to be clean, I have to slink around in the dark of night to do it--in those hours before the house wakes and I have no time to think much less groom. But, for crying out loud, MUST I be the last one to eat around here?

Here's what ranked above me this morning:

Clean what appliances didn't get cleaned.

Wipe down what surfaces have been neglected. (Son has food intolerances)

Make rice

Make meatloaf patties

Pack snack bag

Pack hot lunch

Pack waffles/syrup/dishes for fun activity at school

Program dynavox

Fill out communication log

Wake son #1; medicate

Wake son #2; medicate

Make waffles for son #1

Feed dog

Feed fish

Make cinnamon toast for son #2

Create re-entry plan to school for school phobic son #2

Second medication dose for son #1

Revise re-entry plan to school for school phobic son #2

Dress son #1

Put son #1 on bus

Wave happily as bus starts to back off

Frown as bus stops

Get back on bus to threaten convince son #1 to sit

Walk into house to eat breakfast

INSTEAD, hear phone

Answer phone

Learn that bus is returning to driveway because son #1 refuses to sit in seat

Collect son #1 from bus

Take him into the house

Threaten him Convince him to make a better choice next time

Dress son #2

Pile into van

Ignore suggestions from son #1 about potential routes to school

Find school all on my very own!

Drop son #1 off at school

Drive home

Breakfast? Nope. Time to take son #2 to re-entry attempt at his school.

Welcome to mornigs in this house. Every day is a new adventure, and I'm cranky. I don't want to get up at 4am to eat my food, and I'm not a fan of liquid breakfasts on the run.

Mama just wants to eat.


  1. How selfish can a mom get? Breakfast? Before noon? Bless your starving little unfueled self! Schedule needs a little tweaking somewhere, huh? You gotta fuel up to keep up.
    BTW, I have no thoughts as to how to do that, just see that it needs to be done. I don't suppose you could just sit while either of them eats and feed yourself at that point? See, I'm just thinking inside the box again, where you don't seem to be able to function. *sigh*
    I need to come stay with you a few days and then I'm sure I'd either understand better or go insane. ♥
    I would get my fill of merry-go-rounds!

  2. Bless your heart, I think I would have lost my mind about 5 minutes into that routine!! Grab some food on the fly!! You need energy to deal with all that!


    1. I know I should grab food on the fly. Our older son has such severe food intolerances, that I have to be careful what is on my hands while I'm dealing with him and the food I'm preparing for his day. Usually, I just don't introduce my own eating into that mix. Bad move. It makes me grumpy.